Friday, May 14, 2010

Motorized Mania

So I go to Walmart every so often.

Fine. I go like 2-3 times a week. I have needs.

I'm starting to see a trend when it comes to the motorized carts that they provide for the HANDICAP, ILL, ELDERLY. (I placed them in large letters in case you misunderstood the purpose of the carts.)

They are for those who can't walk, or can't walk for long distances.

They are not for:
-pregnant women
-teenagers or anyone who cannot drive a car, buy cigarettes/alcohol or even vote.
-convenience because you've had a hard day at work and don't feel like walking.

As I walked through the store just a few weeks ago, I was literally nearly run down by one of those carts. She barely missed me. The driver...a girl who couldn't even have been even 14 years old. I gave her my standard dirty look of "Hey. Watch where your goin' chick!" and went on my way.

I round another corner, and she comes flying by AGAIN and almost hits me AGAIN.

Unfortunately, I speak before I think. A lot. So I said, "I have a feeling that you don't really need to be on that thing. Are you disabled? Does your mother know your driving around here like that? What if you hit a child? You need to get off that and I mean now."

She smiles at me with such a sickeningly "I don't care what you think" smile and flies off.

Since I spoke so kindly to her, she went to tell her mother...who was also riding a cart AND her younger brother, who brought up the rear on his. They followed me all. over. the store thinking they intimidated me, I guess. I did mention to the young girl that I was going to find a manager since she obviously had no disability except disrespect and laziness. Not one manager was to be found! How convenient. *insert sarcasm*

I don't know if you can tell, but this really gets my goat. Three motorized carts driven by three inconsiderate people who couldn't care less that someone might really need one.

What is this world coming to?!

And then to top it off!...we saw a pregnant lady riding on one today. She happened to be our patient, so I know for a fact that she did NOT have any disabilitating issues and she wasn't even close to term.

Call me naive and misinformed, but the last I checked carrying an unborn child did not deem you disabled.

The moral of this bog...don't ride unless you got a reason. Period.

I will call you out.


Staceystace said...

It makes me re-think my judgment on the case of the man slapping a random child in Walmart because the child was getting on his nerves.

Okay. Just kidding.

I would never think that is okay ~ BUT, don't you just want to go up to some parents and say, "What in the world is wrong with you, you MORON?!"

Susy-Q said...

"BUT, don't you just want to go up to some parents and say, "What in the world is wrong with you, you MORON?!"

Yes. Yes, I do. In fact, Joanna kept me from following them and having a few "words".