Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A SAHM's Thoughts on Ferguson

This post doesn't have anything to do with race.
This post has nothing to do with the color of your skin.
What I see on the news isn't a black boy and a white cop.
Not a black family and community that are being discriminated again.
Not a cop that may or may not have done his job.
Instead, I see souls created in the image of God. Souls that are hurting.

Specifically, Michael Brown's family is hurting.

His parents are interviewed, full of anger and hurt. His stepfather is filmed raging against the town, accused of instigating a riot. So why can't I get angry and fire back at them or get enraged along with them?

I know that no amount of money won in a civil suit, no justice given (whether you agree or disagree that justice was given recently), no interview to speak out, no words of comfort or support will ease their hurt.
None, but Jesus.
None, but Christ.

My prayer has been, and still is, that someone will speak the Truth to them. Maybe someone will whisper in their ear " will find rest for your souls."

-Tell them that all they have to do is call on the Lord. ("Call to me, and I will answer you...Jer. 33:3)
-Tell them that they can have rest. ("Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matt. 11:28)
-Tell them that they can have peace and healing. ("Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth. Jer 33:6)

Such joy we have who put our hope in Christ. Such peace. Reminds me of a song.

                               One day eyes that are blind will see You clearly
                                      One day all who deny will finally believe
                                      One day hearts made of stone will break in pieces
                                      One day chains once unbroken will fall down at Your feet  

                                      One day voices that lie will all be silenced
                                      One day all that's divided will be whole again
                                      One day death will retreat and wave it's white flag
                                      One day love will defeat the strongest enemy
(Glory, by Selah)

We can look forward to that day.
We know that one day we'll see His glory. 
We know that one day we'll sing glory to His name.

Will you pray with me that someone will tell them?

Friday, November 7, 2014

A Nice Quiet Shower, Please

This mommy just wants a shower.
A nice quiet, hot shower. With no interruptions.

Since I have two kiddos, a quiet, long shower is a thing of the past. I just can't seem to find a solution.
Here's what I've tried.

1. Both kids sleeping.
Doesn't work. One of them will wake up. Always.

2. Sister in her bed (a mini-crib) and Jud roaming.
Doesn't work. Jud throws things in her bed that she can "play" with...daddy's shoes, a clothespin, all of his blankets and snuggies, his vacuum cleaner, all of his diapers.

3. Jud in his bed and sister in her bed.
Doesn't work. He tosses things at her. And if you don't put things in his bed to play with, he'll shake his bed, yell and bang on the wall. We have neighbors. I'm pretty sure they don't like us.

4. Jud roaming and sister in the travel cot.
Doesn't work. He will still "give" her things to play with. She will still cry. He will still be disciplined.

5. Jud in the travel cot.
He climbs out.
6. Jud roaming and sister in HIS bed. (he has a regular size crib and it's harder to get to her...I thought.)
I thought this was the best idea since sliced bread. I got a 10 minute shower before I had to get out and discipline a little boy for shoving things through the rungs and tossing them as high as he could to get them in the bed. She had every pacifier we own, but she didn't seem appreciative. Not to mention, when I told him to just come in the bathroom with mommy, he took that to mean, get mommy's shoes and put them under the running water.

All of these suggestions also include stopping to discipline a little boy. He doesn't get to do these things and get away with them. But he sure can come up with lots of ideas on how to get mommy's attention.
-flush the toilet...over and over and over
-unroll the toilet paper
-carry around the plunger and toilet brush...maybe give it to sister
-gather up all the rugs and put them in the closet
-somehow reach the tooth brushes and put them in the trash
-take all the dirty clothes out of the hamper and throw them around in the bathroom
-empty the the tub

Sometimes I wonder if it's just my child. Sometimes I wonder if I was the same way.

Any ideas to help?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm Ba-a-a-a-a-ack!

For those of you who cared/read my blog/are interested, I've decided to take up blogging again. Because I have all this free time now.


Seriously. I have no free time. And since you're dying to know, I'll tell you why.

I got married 2 1/2 years ago.
Moved to Texas.
Then I had a baby boy 1 1/2 years ago.
And then I had a baby girl 6 months ago.

Most of my day consists of holding babies, changing babies, feeding babies, trying to get babies asleep, disciplining babies (more on that later), and every now and then cleaning house or taking a shower.
I love every minute of my life. Even the hard times. Even the sleepless nights. Even the long days. But God has taught me so much! These are just a few things I've learned in almost 3 years.

1. A woman needs a husband that is so different from her that he actually compliments the areas that she fails/lacks in. It seems that we (women) are often attracted to men that are very much like you in personality, likes, etc. At least, that's how it was for me. Instead, I'm finding more and more that my husband fills the areas that I lack in the most. I could write a whole blog on our differences. I might just do that.

2. I can live away from my family, church, work and friends that I've known my whole life. I thought I would be lonely and have nothing to do all day. And God gave me a wonderful church, lots of hospitable, caring friends and two babies to keep me busier than I've ever been.

3. I've got to have a 3rd point. Kind of like all good sermons have 3 points and a poem, right?
I am selfish. I always thought that I was pretty giving. Always available to help a friend out, watch some kids, give a mom a break, clean, cook, build something, etc. But since I've become a mom, I realize that I'm pretty selfish about things I want/need to do. It's hard to remember that the dishes will still be there when a boy needs you to read him a book. It's hard to stop in the middle of ironing to play with someone. It's hard to forget about that shower when your baby just want to be held.
I'm nurturing a soul and the most important thing, right now, is caring for these kids and raising them to love the Lord with all their heart, mind and strength. How can I get upset about dishes and clothes when I just have a short time with these babies? That's something I'm working on. Remembering that I can wait. I'll never get this time back with them. 

Have I mentioned that I love my life? I do. I really wouldn't want it any other way.

So here's the restart of my blog. A jumbled mess of thoughts because that's my life right now. Jumbled, but beautiful.